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What Can Fanpage Curator Do For You?

  • Instant Content at Your Fingertips

    Forget scouring the web for great content! Fanpage Curator serves it up instantly and ready for your approval.

  • Automatic Post Creation

    We take the pain out of post creation by doing it for you. With content rolling in, all you have to do is hit the “Approve” button and we’ll do the rest. Your posts will be placed into your scheduling queue and will be published automatically.

  • Dynamic Multi-Task Scheduler

    Create endless schedules: daily, weekly, Campaign, Recurring…you set it up once and we’ll publish your approved posts exactly when you want!

    Perfect for Teespring and other time-sensitive campaigns!

  • Self-Teaching Analytics

    What good is data without action? We analyze post engagement and make recommendations based on what your fans like most…that’s Artificial Intelligence working for YOU!

Packed with Features to Make Your Life Easier…and More Profitable!

Find and Pull Content From the Web’s Most Popular Sources

Plus we’re continuously adding
new sources of content to make
your Pages the best they can be!

YES — You Can Pull From Other Facebook Pages!

  • All Types of Media at Your Fingertips

    You never have to go hunting for content again! With Fanpage Curator, you simply enter the keywords that describe your Page, and we do the rest for you!

  • One-Click Approval Post Creation

    With your keywords saved, you’re ready for Fanpage Curator’s proprietary Post Creator to begin giving you post suggestions. Just hit the “Approve” button and, whammo! You’ve added a new post to your Page!

  • Google Suggest Makes It Easy

    Running out of keyword ideas? Not with our AutoSuggest feature to place. Just enter the name of your topic and you’ll have plenty of phrases right in front of you!

  • Create Unlimited Schedules

    Create a Master schedule, daily schedules or any other that fits your needs

  • Create Campaign Schedules

    Create time-sensitive schedules with a beginning & end. If you promote Teespring merchandise on your Pages, Fanpage Curator just became your new best friend!

  • Recurring Schedules

    If you have an Opt-In or other Post you’d like your fans to see again and again over time, our Recurring Schedule feature put this on automatic pilot for you!

Dynamic Scheduler Creates Clockwork Posts

Post The Way You Want Every Time…Without Logging into Facebook!

  • Post Instantly to Facebook

    Easiest thing in the book…but with Fanpage Curator you’ll soon realize there’s no reason to even log into Facebook! You’ll be able to manage all of your Pages through our dashboard.

  • Post Instantly to WordPress

    We turned this user suggestion into a reality! Now you can connect any WordPress site to Fanpage Curator and post simultaneously to your blog as well! This allows you to build a secondary asset in addition to your Page.

  • Post it Later, Alligator!

    Choose to post at a later date by selecting on of your calendar or campaigns…or just pick any other time that suits you. Tons faster than the scheduler inside of Facebook!

  • Our Analytics Give 'Em More of What They Want

    Integrating with Facebook Insights is just the beginning. Our self-teaching Artificial Intelligence analyzes post engagement and adjust our recommendations accordingly.

    In other words, when we see a particular type of content is getting higher than normal engagement, we will recommend more of that content for your approval. That’s giving ‘em more of what they want!

Analytics Powered by Artificial Intelligence

WARNING: This is an exclusive offer
for friends of Precious only.

When placing your order, please enter in the “Delivery Email” address the email you would like to connect your Fanpage Curator account to. We will instantly create your account, and all your account details will be mailed to you at this address.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to put Fanpage Curator through the paces. Get in there, connect to Facebook, set up your schedules, and begin pouring great content and posts into your Pages. If for any reason you don’t believe that Fanpage Curator is saving you hours of time each week, making your Facebook marketing a lot easier, or in any other way it doesn’t suit your fancy, just let us know within 60 days and you will be refunded in full.
This is your RISK-FREE chance to lock in a great price and put your Facebook marketing in the fast lane!

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